"Tim Gaither is quiet and unassuming but gets HUGE laughs"
-Russell Peters-

"Tim Gaither is one of the next stars of Stand up Comedy, Cutting edge, inventive Comedy. I'm a big fan"
-Paul Rodriguez-

"I worked with Tim In Orlando and he freaking killed it, great comic"
-Bill Burr-

"Who knew? The quiet, unassuming kid in the corner turned out to be quick, smart, and absolutely hilarious! Tim's laid-back style sets the trap, and his sharp-as-a-razor wit will attack your funny bone until your body aches from laughter."
-Richard Barrett-
Booker and GM Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club

It all began in church at the age of five...one Sunday the preacher called all the kids at the Southern Baptist church to the front to ask some questions. When the preacher asked a small tow-headed boy what he thought hell would be like, he calmly replied, "Preacher, hell will be hotter than the Wal Mart parking lot on the Fourth of July, barefoot." The church erupted with laughter, the little boy was hooked on the sound and a comic was born.

Fast forward 25 years and Tim Gaither has been a comedian for 14 years, 12 professionally, working in 35 states so far and Korea for the U.S troops. In January,2009, Tim made the move to Hollywood. Since the move he has been seen on the Bob and Tom show, won the honor of "Best of Festival" at the Detroit International Comedy festival, become a paid regular at the historic Comedy and Magic Club, Comedy Store,Improv,and Laugh Factory in Hollywood and Long Beach. Tim is also a regular headliner at the Tropicana Laugh Factory in Vegas, where he will film his first hour special in March of 2013.

Tim Gaither has no specific audience, he is hilarious to all ages and ethnicities and he is a heckler's nightmare. Great material, quick wit, and a wide range of original characters and stories, all spun together with Midwestern charm make his show a must see. More comfortable on a stage than in his own living room, he makes audience feel like he is in theirs. If Tim comes to your city don't miss the opportunity to check out his show, you will not be disappointed. It is only a matter of time before Tim Gaither is a household name, in the meantime he will be touring the country, enjoying the journey, and doing what he was born to do.

For booking Contact Kevin Stolper or Stefani Schmacker of Laugh Factory Management

Upcoming Appearances

Saturday Dec 27, 2014
Loony Bin Comedy Club
2 nights, 4 shows!